D&I was a project for newly-founded College of Design and Innovation of Tongji University. It was a multi-discipline project which included spatial design, product design, user experience design and branding design. 

Spatial design  |  Product design  |  User experience design  |  Branding design 

Ideation and Sketching

We defined our concept as interaction and communication, to fit the exploratory and creative spirit of the college. We deconstructed the logo of D&I and used it as a main aesthetic element in the whole system, from the main structure to the details. We broke the layout of original floors and integrated the upper space with the lower, creating a open environment in the whole space. 

Exhibition system

Considering the needs of different student exhibitions, the exhibition system was characterised by flexibility. Each unit of the system was 1/12 of a ring. Several units could shape dozens of curves, creating various flow lines for visitors. With this system, we tended to create experience full of changes and active and positive interaction between things and people or between people.