Pal was a joint project with Kolding School of Design (Denmark), Etrans (Denmark) and Volkswagen (China). This project looks into the future needs of electric cars especially for China’s family users. 

The project is an extensive workshop which lasted for five weeks. We worked in a group with students with multiple disciplines, varying from Design Management, Graphic Design to Industrial Design. 

Automotive design  |  User experience design  |  Service design

Company: Etrans (Denmark), Volkswagen (China)

Eduation Instituition: Tongji University (China), Kolding School of Design (Denmark)

Year: 2012




Interview  |  Filed research  |  Questionnaire

The interior design of many of today’s vehicles limits interpersonal communication and interaction. User research has shown the importance of human connection for a strong family dynamic. It has been observed that the current interior design does not satisfy these group needs. Our objective is to create an interior space that promotes family interaction.


Brainstorm  |  Role playing  |  How-tos

Our design goal is:

1. We want to enhance the family feeling in a way where the social interaction is centred and improved through redesigning the interior of the electric vehicle.

2. We want to serve the different needs of the three phases of life: establishment, family with small child, and family with adolescent.



We created a one-centre seating system for our design, which solves the problem of disconnection between front passengers and back ones. Furthermore, to meet the needs of different life phases, we created a service system in which the electric car will be treated as a family member and it will grow with users’ family. Users will not buy a new car until the existing one cannot be used anymore.


As the cars will become a family member for a long time, the new service birthdays for cars. Users will gain more value instead of losing value with an ageing car. The special service for the users on their cars’ birthday includes upgrading the interior layout like baby seat or storage, discount on ad-ons and replacing the battery of the electric cars.