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SkyPlus is a service design project for SkyTeam, an airline alliance with 19 member airlines. The design team, SkyLine, consisted of six members from three different design majors, Strategic product design (SPD), Design for interaction (DFI) and Integrated product design (IPD).

The results of several extensive researches and analysis led to final design proposal, which was a service design called SkyPlus. The new service was intended to build a clear and strong connection between the alliance and its passengers, to better communicate SkyTeam's value towards passengers. It shifted SkyTeam's focus from high-value passengers towards a more promising focus-the happy and basic passengers, which accounts for around 80% of the whole passenger numbers. 


Strategic design  |  Service design  |  User experience design

Company: SkyTeam 

Year: 2013-2014

Project process 

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Final design proposal

The SkyPlus concept is an online and offline platform which allows SkyTeam’s airline passengers to connect and help each other after the luggage pick-up moment to reach the next destination. The platform lowers the threshold to ask other passengers for information and help; and creates a trustworthy feeling for city newcomers to have a smoother introduction to the new country or city. Several newcomers can connect and search together for the train to the city centre, or a local can walk with a newcomer to the public transportation, or even share a taxi. 

Physical implementation

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Strategic implementation

   Marketing mix of SkyPlus


Marketing mix of SkyPlus

Roadmap for SkyPlus development and implementation

Roadmap for SkyPlus development and implementation