TinO is a souvenir designed for Sweden Pavilion at EXPO2010 Shanghai and the 1st-prize winner of the Swedish Design Competition, which was organised by the Chinese Institute of Design in cooperation with Konstfack - University College of Arts, Crafts and Design (Sweden), Chinese Institute of Design (China). 

Product design  |  Food design  |  User experience design

Organisation: Sweden Pavilion (EXPO 2010),  Konstfack (Sweden), Chinese Institute of Design (China)

Year: 2010


EXPO is a stage for each country to present their culture. Food, as a special "ambassador", encourages cultural exchange despite of language or geographical boundary. Tino combines the western cutlery and Asian chopsticks, which breaks the boundary of different tools for eating experience. It was also inspired by the simplicity and passion about daily life products of Scandinavian design.

1st winner prize-big ticket.jpg
The jury’s remark
-The winner of the design competition has demonstrated an understanding of the design concept, the Swedish “Spirit of Innovation” theme and the difficult task of combining two cultures into one in an elegant gesture of simplicity and functionality. The winning product fits right into the sustainable and green Swedish profile. It is a modern reinterpretation of ancient tools combining function and form in an innovative way, bridging tradition and thus linking the past and the future and joining them as one.