Young was my bachelor graduation project in cooperation with one of the Chinese biggest and oldest bicycle producers, Forever. Young is a bicycle design which creates new user experience of tour cycling. It enables users to enjoy a fun and relaxing short-distance trip in the nature. 

Young is entitled as the Outstanding Graduation Project of Tongji University 2012, the Second Prize of Shanghai Student Design Competition 2012 and the Honourable Mention of National Student Design Competition 2012.

Product design  |  User experience design

Company: Forever (China)

Year: 2012


To address the real user needs and fully understand the user experience, a diverse research was conducted, consisting of market research, user interview, questionnaire and field research.

Navigation tool, food and drinking, interaction between fellow cyclists, rest were defined as main user needs for short-distance tour cycling.

Ideation and concept development

Production process

The  main structure of the bicycle was finished in the factory workshop. The fabric part was handmade on a sewing machine. 

Final design

The poncho pack is specially designed for tour cycling use. A cellphone bag is attached on the back, supporting all the entertainment or navigation usage. It also enables instant phone-call and message response.

The mounted touring bag-seat merges pannier bags with a folding stool as well as a side-table. It enables users to rest and relax more conveniently and comfortably in the nature. Panniers and stool can be separated. With the handle and straps, users can take away the luggages easily, switch between long and short cycling.